A healthy Missouri OHV community deserves a strong and unified voice.


When you join MO-MOTO TRAIL RIDERS, you're helping to ensure a healthy future for OHV recreation in Missouri. You'll  be joining hundreds of other  OHV enthusiasts  throughout our state to become  a single voice for Missouri's OHV community.

  Throughout the  year,  MMTR members  get together to enjoy hundreds of miles of interconnected system routes through organized rides and events.  We organize several volunteer events on State, Federal & Private property. In 2018 MMTR accumulated nearly 500 volunteer hours with the USFS, 200 Volunteer hours with MO-STATE Parks and 500 volunteer hours with Private Landowners.

MMTR has been an integral part in opening new trails and broadening the use of existing trails for OHV riders in Missouri. 

   MMTR is working to strengthen relationships with State and Federal entities to ensure we have a bright future. MMTR is working closely with the USFS to improve access for all OHV's ensuring our travel management plan is updated annually  to create  an enjoyable experience for all by creating managed loops.  MMTR is actively strengthening relationships with other special interest groups through collaborative efforts  to  improve access through sustainable recreation on our Public Lands. 


  MMTR is currently working closely with Missouri State Parks to create a trail network at Finger Lakes State Park by Spring 2019.  We're also working to create proximal riding areas throughout Missouri. 


  MMTR is concerned not only about trails and opportunities for the sport rider but for other uses as well, whether it be a trail to your favorite fishing hole or making the commute to check a fence line easier, MMTR is there for you.


  MMTR is here to advocate  for your needs or concerns and ideas regarding OHV use in Missouri. MMTR recognizes how we have been affected  the last 20 years without having strong representation. No longer will the OHV community  be misrepresented amongst our decision makers at crucial meetings that could affect our sport, we will have a seat at the table to protect our future. MMTR is an organization that belongs to its members. All officers, regional associates and directors are volunteers, whom are dedicated for the love of our sport. 

"Your participation is key to our success"

MMTR attending a Collaborative meeting in Van Buren,MO  with USFS and other special Interest groups.

MMTR attending a Collaborative meeting in Van Buren,MO  with USFS and other special Interest groups.